Nigerian highlife legend Kabaka has hit hard at new school highlife musicians in Nigeria and Ghana over what he calls their lack of patience to properly understudy the sound.

According to him, highlife is unique and requires a high level of endurance to be able to perfect the sound.

He made this comment on the sidelines of a press launch for his come-back album titled ‘Abialam’ in Lagos. He spoke to starrfm.com.gh.

When asked by starrfm.com.gh’s online reporter Senanu Damilola Wemakor “What do you make of this new generation of artistes who are doing highlife?”

He responded “That is the extent they can learn. They cannot meet up. Some of them cannot stay and practice and have the endurance to practice very well to know.

For example, solfa notation and what is happening there even in guitar They cannot have the patience to learn

Kabaka who has played with the likes of Ghana’s Okukuseku Band back in the day indicated that the highlife sound played in Nigeria was more or less Ghanaian highlife with the Nigerian Igbo language.

The Album Concept
Seventeen years after his tribute, “Madu bu aja” (“We are Sand”), to Late Sir Warrior in 2006, Kabaka is poised for a grand return with Abialam, spearheaded by Derda Promotions.

This album aims to restore the Highlife genre and transcend the controversies that ensued from the Oriental Brothers’ decision to go solo and subsequent members’ losses. Abialam, meaning “I have returned,” takes listeners on a musical journey that transcends time and space, exploring emotions, culture, and life experiences.
Tracklist and Themes

Abialam comprises a meticulously curated selection of 6 tracks, each with its own unique story. From soul-stirring Highlife to infectious Bongo rhythms, the album showcases Kabaka’s extraordinary ability to evoke emotions and connect with the life experience through music. Themes of life’s intricate dance of ups and downs, love, wealth, and cultural pride fill the album, serving as a testament to the power of music to transcend language and unite people.

Source: Ghana/Starrfm.com.gh/103.5FM