The highest fuel prices in recent memory have been announced by Kenya’s regulator, to the fury of many in the country.

Overnight the cost of petrol rose to about 212 shillings ($1.40; £1.20) per litre in the capital Nairobi – with the prices of different types of fuel rising by about 9% to 20%.

The move comes despite countrywide protests in recent months against high living costs and the government’s economic policies.

It’s going to be “painful” and “it may not work”, said President William Ruto’s chief economic adviser David Ndii on X (formerly Twitter), adding that he was not going to sell false hope to Kenyans.

Both Mr Ndii and the fuel prices have been trending topics on social media.

“[Mr] Ndii has told us the bitter truth that we are repugnant fools and stupid morons for having believed that people who used a wheelbarrow as a party symbol had any idea of fixing the country. It is our fault for believing them,” a Kenyan said on X.

“Matatus [public minivans] use diesel which is the means of transport for the poor, gone up by 21.32 shillings. The poor majority use kerosene, has gone up by 33.13 shillings…,” said another.

President Ruto removed fuel subsidies when he came into office last September.

Source: BBC