Ms. Rita Otoobia Wellington is an established fashion designer introducing the latest fashion collection that’s going to take the world by storm! Her brand, Ritbal Stitches is a perfect blend of elegance and edginess, with bold patterns and vibrant colors. From flowing dresses to tailored suits, each piece is designed to make a statement.

The collection embraces diversity and inclusivity, offering a range of sizes and styles for everyone. Get ready to turn heads and express your unique sense of style with this stunning fashion collection!

She finds inspiration from a few regional and international fashion designers in addition to herself and her clientele, and she eagerly awaits the day when she can work with them to create some mind-blowing designs. She plans to work hard on her own and with other industry stakeholders to build a superb brand in order to complete this task as quickly as feasible.

Step into the world of high fashion with Ritbal_Stitches, the mastermind behind this extraordinary collection. Known for their meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, Ritbal_Stitches has created a line that effortlessly combines tradition with innovation.

Each garment tells a story, reflecting the brand’s commitment to celebrating individuality and self-expression. With Ritbal_Stitches, you’re not just wearing clothes, you’re making a statement and embracing the art of fashion.

Ms Rita Otoobia Wellington launched Ritbal_stitches, her fashion company in 2015, and has already educated a few individuals. She attended Afra-K Fashion School for her training.

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