The NPP presidential race is heating up and the lines are being drawn clearer amongst the candidates. In the media and on social media, it looks like the race has come down to two people: Kennedy Agyapong and Dr. Bawumia. I am sure Dr. Akoto Osei and Addai Nimoh are also campaigning behind the scenes.

So far, the campaign messages from Dr. Bawumiah are being made on tribal and religious lines. Not on issues or competence. Dr. Bawumiah is telling delegates that he is the only one who the NDC fears to compete JM. He is not saying why and how.

When JM gave the NDC delegates GHC 40 for transportation during our delegates conference, the NPP insulted him, including accusing him of vote-buying. On Tuesday, Nana Akomeah, the Communications Director for the Bawumiah team admitted on Peace FM, that during their super delegates conference, the Team Bawumiah gave each delegate GHC 200 for transportation and not GHC 5000 as its being alleged. They accused JM of committing a sin, they then turn around and do the worst.

On Ken Agyapong, he made his messages very clear during his “showdown” walk last weekend. Some of the things he said included:

  1. The Nana/Bawumiah administration has messed up the banking sector
  2. The Nana/Bawumiah government has mismanaged the country so bad.
  3. They have done nothing for the people of the northern region.
  4. They have kept party footsoldiers unemployed
  5. Government officials demand bribe from party youth before offering them jobs
  6. Dr. Bawumiah is no match for Mahama for 2024. They want to market him for 2028.
  7. The NPP lost the 2024 elections in 2022. He said Ghanaians made up their minds to vote for NDC in 2022.
  8. Most of the super delegates took money and voted foolishly. (Aba foo)

Most of the NPP die-hards, including my good friend, Osabarima Kwasi Owusu think Kennedy Agyapong is rather campaigning for the NDC and JM. They are calling for the party leadership to call Ken to order. They are talking as if what Ken is saying are lies. The NPP hate the truth.

In fact, if the NPP has anyone to call to order for campaigning for the NDC and JM, that individual is Nana Akufo-Addo. He took inflation from 15% and raised it to 40%. He took a gallon of petrol from GHC 14 and now it is over GhC 50. The exchange rate was GHC 4.2 to the dollar. It is now GHC 12. Our public debt was GHC 120 billion, it is now over GHC 600 billion. Who in his right mind will approve of these figures unless he/she doesn’t love Ghana.

Mahama reba

Dr. Lawrence Appiah is the founder of the Diaspora Progressive Movement in USA

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