The Ashanti Regional Security Council (RESEC) has deployed armed security personnel to Adabraka and Pankrono communities in Tafo Pankron Municipality of the Ashanti region.

The move is to avert possible reprisal attack after the death of one young man in youth conflict on Wednesday 18th October 2023.

27-year-old Owusu Banahene unfortunately met his untimely death on Friday during a renewed violent youth conflict in the community.

Family of the deceased is demanding the arrest and prosecution of all persons involved in the incident that resulted in the death of a young man.

Violence among youth groups in Tafo, Pankrono, Adabraka and Ahwiaa has become a common happening which continues to claim human life particularly among the youth any time there is a conflict.

The youth consistently destroys properties and mostly break into innocent community members’ shops and loot their properties in the heat of the conflict.

The community members are linking the unfortunate development to drug abuse and surge in drug business in the communities. In anticipation that the law enforcement agencies in the municipality will check the development which continues to promote insecurity in the area and threaten small business and public peace.

“The youths in the communities are so much into drugs, so every little misunderstanding will escalate into a violent clash. Crime has gone up and there are some spots within the communities, you dare not walk past there during the day and night time without being attacked and your personal belongings taken from you.

“The police cannot say they are not aware of the nefarious activities of these boys. Anytime the police effect an arrest on some of these incidents, the next minute you will see the person back in the community. This in a way causes public mistrust in the police and encourages people to sometimes take the law into their own hands”, a resident of Pankrono who wants to remain anonymous indicated.

The latest incident on Wednesday, October 18, 2023 occured after Owusu Banahene was ambushed by his assailants and fatally stabbed whilst on his way to attend nature’s call at a public toilet in Pankrono.

The 27-year-old Banahene is said to be a victim of circumstance.

“It was a mistaken target because the fight was between our elder brother and the gang. It happened two years ago. The brother refereed a football gala match and the other group claimed he officiated against them. They threatened to harm him but we all thought that we’ve ironed out our differences only to wake up to this fatal attack”, Clinton disclosed.

Reprisal attack

On Thursday 19th October 2023, the following day, Pankrono youth launched a reprisal attack on Adabraka, but police intervened promptly to prevent the clash from escalating.

Windshields of several cars were shattered. Shops were closed and commercial activities came to a temporary halt.

Two persons were arrested by the Tafo-Pankrono divisional police command.

Source: Ghana/ Bediako