The flag bearer hopeful of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Dr. Afriyie Akoto has stated that Ghana’s development since independence has been based on borrowing.

Speaking on Starr Chat Thursday, Dr. Akoto stated that Ghana’s challenge has been not being able to restructure the resources of the nation to benefit agriculture. 

“What I am saying is that since independence this is the 17th time we have been to the IMF. If you divide 66-years by 17 you get an average of four years. So in other words every four years we go to the IMF.

“You know, because we have been financing our development with debts. That is what we have done. We haven’t been financing our development with our own resources.

He said when voted to lead the NPP and subsequently become President of Ghana he will do things differently.

“At least we will be able to initiate the process of restructuring the economy of Ghana by emphasizing public resources to benefit Agriculture. With the farmers, with the processors, marketers, advertisers and so on. That is what I intend to do because in the six years that I have been under the Ministry I have seen that the least incentives that you give the farmers their responses have been incredible,” he explained.   

The former Agric Minister also added that smallholder cocoa farmers have been taking care of Ghana’s economy.  

“The average size of the cocoa farmer is three, four archers and yet we have been able to build a well class industry of cocoa farming in this country. So if you give them the opportunity for the other products they will perform.”   

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