Former President Mahama has called immediate removal of taxes on medical supplies needed for dialysis in the country.

Demands for government to intervene in treatment of renal diseases have heightened following a later aborted decision by Korle Bu to increase the cost of dialysis by 100%.

According to the NDC 2024 flagbearer removal of taxes on supplies needed for dialysis has become a public health emergency needed to drive down the cost of the treatment.

Speaking at the 1st Ghana ageing conference organized by the Los Abuelos Foundation, Mr. Mahama assured his next administration will establish a fund to cater for capital intensive diseases such as Diabetes, Kidney diseases among others.

The former president further promised the aged a number of initiatives aimed at making their lives comfortable including making 1st July which is used to celebrate the aged a public holiday again.

“I want to revisit our 2020 manifesto, in which I promised to declare “renal (kidney) failure, diabetes, and hypertension a national health emergency and provide better access to affordable treatment for persons suffering from these illnesses.” I also promised to establish a Cancer and Kidney Disease Trust Fund to support victims suffering from these very expensive diseases. This fund will support Ghanaians who need assistance with the care of kidney diseases and cancers. These promises can be found on page 63 of the NDC’s manifesto of 2020.

“Given the opportunity, we shall relieve thousands of our citizens suffering from these illnesses. Just this week, there was an uproar when the nation’s premier teaching hospital, Korle bu, announced an increase in charges for dialysis treatment by one hundred per cent. This threatened to put the cost of dialysis treatment out of reach for many patients and their families,” Mr. Mahama stated.

He continued: “The explanations I have read from the Korle bu Teaching Hospital cite the increase in taxes and duties of materials for dialysis treatment as the main reason for this decision. As an immediate measure, I call on the government to exempt medication and kits for dialysis treatment from taxes and duties to maintain this critical lifeline for patients whose survival depends on this.”

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