Newly elected executive Council member of the Ghana Football Association Gifty Oware Mensah says she worked her way to the exco insisting she wasn’t aided by any political party.

The bankroller of Berry Ladies made history by becoming the only candidate to have gotten all 20 clubs endorsing her candidacy for the women’s slot on the executive Council of the Football Association.

Speaking to Starr Sports, Gifty Oware Mensah revealed she has really paid her dues when it comes to the women’s game hence the overwhelming support from the women’s clubs to represent them on the executive Council.

“You see, I keep saying until you get so close to the clubs you wouldn’t know their problems, and for me over the years I have been in there with them and they appreciate whatever I have done “

“The kind of support I gave out to these clubs wasn’t only about Berry Ladies but it went beyond Berry and for me, the message I put across also resonated very well that’s how come they bought into my ideas, “She told Starr sports

She went on to add “I can confidently tell you no political party supported my campaign though I do politics. I have a supportive husband who trusts and believes in me and together with my family, we were able to make this dream a reality.”

Source: Nsiah Otchere