The security personnel of the National Chief, Osmanu Nuhu Sharubutu have assaulted EIB journalist, Lantam Papanko.

According to him, he signaled by a motor rider to move off so he also asked what the problem was with the signal for him to move off the road.

Mr. Panpanko stated that “so, I was driving from the Ofankor roundabout headed towards Tantra roundabout, mile 7. And I was driving in the inner lane. So while I was moving, I saw a motorcycle coming from behind me.

“And the reason why I noticed the motorcycle that fast is because the motorcycle came right to the driver’s side, behind me, and was trying to squeeze to enter. So I was wondering what the problem was. And he started signaling to me that I should move off the road.

“Then he moved off from that side and then came to the other side, the passenger side on the right side. And he started insulting me. What is wrong with me? Can’t I see that I have to move off the road?

“The guy used his helmet to hit me through the window like 4 times. And the other guys were slapping me and hitting me. So I was just trying to protect myself, with my hands. One of them eventually struck me in the forehead.

“That’s why I was bleeding a little bit in the forehead. And then my upper lip too, you know, got cut a little bit. So after they had finished beating and they were satisfied, they got back into the car. And then the motor rider, before he rode off, used his hand to hit my side mirror again and then broke the side mirror and then they sped off.”

Mr. Panpanko stated that he has reported the incident to the Mile 7 Police Station and they are yet to effect any arrest.

Source: Ghana/