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Management of Dormaa Presbyterian Nursing and Midwifery College in Bono Region have repeated seventy -one (71) first-year students due to their academic performance falling below a GPA of 1.0.

The Principal of Dormaa Presbyterian Nursing and Midwifery Training College, Dr. Agyeman-Prempeh Charles, emphasized that this decision is aimed at providing an opportunity for these students to improve their academic standing and catch up with their peers.

Dr. Agyeman-Prempeh Charles, explained that the repetition is intended to contribute to the training and development of competent nurses and midwives for the future.

By setting high academic standards, the college aims to ensure that its graduates meet the demands and expectations of the healthcare profession.

“The school has rules and regulations. One of them is that, before you progress from first year to second year you need a cumulative grade point. Across all the universities it is 1.0. If you don’t get 1.0 you will be repeated. So it is true I have repeated them but it is because of poor academic performance. Are we training the students to save lives? If yes then it is better we ensure they are repeated to improve his learning outcomes .I have not dismissed any student” the Principal of the college told Journalists.

He said this approach reflects the commitment of Dormaa Presbyterian Nursing and Midwifery College to maintaining excellence in nursing and midwifery education, emphasizing the importance of academic achievement for future healthcare practitioners.

Source: Ghana/ Ansah