The former Chief Justice Her Ladyship Justice, Sophia Akuffo has said the government’s announcement on the Domestic Debt Exchange Program (DDEP) took her mind back to the days of military regime.

Speaking on Starr Chat with Bola Ray Thursday, madam Akuffo stated that the government wanted them to sign what they did not understand.

“You contracted me, that in return for buying your bonds these are what I am expecting. Now you want to change my expectations for whatever reasons you don’t do by decree. It was more like the days where you wake you up in the morning and by decree something has happened in Ghana.

“All of a sudden no more 50 cedi notes or all of a sudden from Saturday there is a new currency but the new currency is not in circulation yet. But Saturday, Monday what you have is no longer money, decree.  What kind of life is that?” Madam Akuffo asked.

She continued: “It took me to those days where by a fiat you will want to tell me unless I sign up something. I don’t want any new arrangement with you. If I had to do the same again I would, I don’t care because what I did, did I do anything wrong?”

According to her, she noticed the development of the pensioners picketing on the TV and she knew some of them.

“I was upset that retired persons will reach such a sorry past, that pensioners have to do that. Because somebody is insisting on breaching the law as far as I am concerned,” madam Akuffo stated.

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