JCS Investments Ltd, in collaboration with Heritors Labs, has introduced an innovative digital platform for the promotion of the economic independence of people with some form of disability or special needs.

The project which is the brain-child of JCS Investments Limited identified the potential to increase the economic involvement of those less able to participate in the mainstream economy.  The digital platform is designed to provide a comprehensive range of options for people with disabilities which include, a market place for produce made by persons with disability, enabling them to showcase their products and access a wider audience.

The platform also offers a way for socially-responsible customers to achieve a positive impact by purchasing items from individuals (and also supporting the institutions working in this area). As well as a database of disabled people’s skills and competencies, making it easier for employers, from SMEs to large organizations, to recruit individuals with a disability. The employment options can include short or long-term contracts.

The rest include opportunity for people with disability to create their personal profile, update details and present their skill-set to potential employers and a ‘shop window’ for larger organization to register as partners, promote their involvement and demonstrate commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI).

The collaboration with Heritors Labs has provided the foundation for the development of this laudable project. The dedicated teams within the two organizations have worked together to create the innovative digital platform.

JCS has approached a number of potential partners, encouraging them to support this initiative and widen awareness an reminded that EDI helps to unlock talent and stimulate economic activity. This EDI initiative helps people with disability to achieve ‘income with dignity’ and become equal members of the larger society. Looking ahead, it should no longer be necessary for people to beg in the street for their daily bread.

This platform represents an important step in promoting economic independence. It is anticipated that some will be able to scale up their business activities and engage more directly with the mainstream economy.

This digital platform has also partnered with Pario Surveys to offer personality profiling to people who would like to increase their self-awareness and effectiveness in the work place. JCS has secured preferential rates for those interested in this service. The platform also encourages the involvement of responsible corporate organizations in the process of building an inclusive workforce. The platform enables them to register and become part of the EDI community.

In a rapidly changing world, organizations are becoming increasingly aware of the need to achieve competitive advantage, which can be helped by promoting inclusion. This has a positive effect on productivity, helping create the conditions for high performance. As Unilever CEO (Alan Jope) stated in 2021, ‘Without healthy societies we don’t have a healthy business.’

In a related development, JCS Investments Ltd, has taken another step to help organisations enhance their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) credentials. The aim is to encourage commercial and social improvements that support a sustainable future.

JCS has a positive track record of promoting inclusion, particularly of people with disabilities.  Patricia Safo, CEO of JCS is clear about the benefits of the new project. She emphasised that JCS and the Heritors Labs team see the project as an important way of connecting mainstream businesses with disabled, motivated people.

Looking forward, the new platform can be developed to showcase positive initiatives. There is also scope for corporate organization to use the platform to purchase corporate Gifts and support the development of micro businesses. It is hoped that the platform can encourage corporates to consider bespoke orders.

This initiative was inspired by the Patricia’s late father, Mr D O Safo, who took steps to employ people with disabilities in his agribusiness workforce. The digital platform SENHUB utilises new technology to address the significant issue of disadvantage and barriers to market access. It offers a comprehensive marketplace for entrepreneurs with disabilities, to showcase their goods and services. SENHUB also offer a job placement platform for disadvantaged individuals.

Source: Ghana/Starrfm.com.gh/103.5FM