Ghanaian-owned beauty brand Nene Glam by Fragrances by Kings has finally been launched, offering a sophisticated and luxurious addition to the skincare routine.

According to the founder of the brand, Kingsley Kojo Aikins, the fragrance body cream is crafted with precision, blending the richness of high-quality ingredients to deliver a luxurious and nourishing experience for the skin. Infused with a captivating fragrance that lingers delicately throughout the day, this body cream is designed to envelop users in a sensory journey of glamour and indulgence.

Speaking at the launch event, she expressed excitement about the launch, stating, “Nene Glam represents the epitome of sophistication and indulgence. We are thrilled to introduce a product that not only pampers the skin but also captivates the senses with its exquisite fragrance. It is a true embodiment of the Fragrance King ethos.”

He revealed that, the product boasts a sumptuous formulation that includes premium ingredients known for their skin-nourishing properties. The cream is designed to provide deep hydration, leaving the skin feeling silky-smooth and radiant.

Nene Glam body is delicately scented with an enchanting fragrance that lingers, creating a subtle yet memorable aura. The fragrance is carefully curated to evoke a sense of glamour and sophistication. Reflecting the opulence within, Nene Glam Body Cream is presented in luxurious packaging that exudes refinement. The elegant design and attention to detail make it a statement piece for any beauty collection.

Suitable for all skin types, Nene Glam Body Cream is crafted for versatile application. Whether used as a daily moisturizer or for special occasions, it promises to elevate the skincare routine to a new level of luxury.

The product has received endorsements from renowned personalities like Bola Ray, Sister Deborah and Influencers like the Mitch Twins and others

Nene Glam Body Cream is now available for purchase at Fragrance King stores and online, inviting individuals to indulge in a skincare experience that transcends the ordinary. For more information, product details, and to explore the full range of Fragrance King offerings, visit .