Award-winning stand-up comedian Lekzy De Comic is urging corporate Ghana to take advantage of the potentials of the comedy industry. According to him, corporate institutions often focus on other aspects of the entertainment industry whereas it could plug into the comic space to help spur their brands.

“I will say corporate Ghana hasn’t really looked at our industry with so much attention because they are all looking towards one direction. If you look elsewhere, they take advantage of the industry”, he told journalists on the sidelines of the 2nd Anniversary of the 2927 comedy club

“Comedy is one of the best creative tools to jab your competitor in the market and nobody takes offense while your message is carried through. Just a few have seen the light, but we hope a lot more come on board soon”, he emphasized.

Lekzy de Comic also bemoaned the low level of attention comedy draws amongst entertainment conversations, which he believes accounts for the low support of the industry by corporate Ghana.

“When entertainment conversations pop up, you realize they center more on music and once a while sprinkle in a bit of movies. But most of the things stand-up comedians have done over the time some musicians have not been able to man up and do it even though they have more numbers than us.”

“I have done my special twice, OB Amponsah has done it four times. Jacinta, Foster Romanus consistently. About 60% of comedian have done their own special and I think that, if main stream conversations pop up more light should be thrown onus. That is how ze will get the attractions for corporate institutions to find it prudent to invest in us.” He added.

Meanwhile Chief Executive Officer of the 2927 Event Centre, Judith Cato Addison is appealing for support from Ghanaians and the springing up of more comedy club to help fine tune the stand-up craft.

“Many people have complained about the comedy industry. They don’t think our comedians are funny in the past. But because of avenues like this, comedians are horning their talent and are getting better at the craft. So, I think this is a very good platform for all comedians and I will be happy if Ghanaians could help push it forward.”

Recently Lezky and OB were in the US and Oh Joe and Dwomoh were in Naroibi Kenya, so it’s clear avenues like this are getting them better and giving them international recognition.

The 2nd Anniversary of the 2927 comedy club was graced by top comedians including OB Amponsah, Lexy Decomic, Oh Joo and next generation talents such Baba Razak, Unknown and many others.

The 2927 comedy club has been running for the past year, convening comedians every Thursday night at the 2927 event center, Tesano.

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