The Trust Hospital, a prominent healthcare services provider, and its Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Juliana Oye Ameh, have been honored for their exceptional contributions to healthcare, receiving multiple awards.

Corporate accolades include the Excellence in Sustainable Medical Practices award and a Sustainable Patient-Centered Care Model award at the 7th Sustainability & Social Investment (SSI) Awards held at Kempinski Hotel, Accra.

In addition, Dr. Ameh was bestowed with a Distinguished Fellowship at the Africa Women’s Leadership Academy (AWLA) – Ladies in Leadership Awards, an honorary recognition for outstanding endeavors by women business leaders.

Sustainability and Social Investment (SSI) Awards

The dual awards were granted for the hospital’s Pink October breast cancer awareness drive, recognized as the industry gold standard, impacting over a million women and men to date and inspiring similar initiatives. Also acknowledged was the Quality Healthcare Agenda, designed to champion efficient and quality healthcare.

Post-ceremony, Dr. Ameh expressed gratitude for the collective effort of the hospital’s staff, stating, “We see this as a call to action and will not rest on our laurels as we strive to ensure the best quality healthcare for all Ghanaians.”

Africa Women’s Leadership Academy (AWLA) – Ladies in Leadership Awards

The citation honoring Dr. Ameh reads: “AWLA is delighted to bestow the Distinguished Fellowship upon Dr. Juliana Oye Ameh, the esteemed CEO of Trust Hospital. The accolade is a testament to her exemplary contributions and steadfast commitment to excellence. As the visionary leader of Trust Hospital, Dr. Juliana Oye Ameh has played a pivotal role in shaping its success. Her strategic initiatives have not only elevated Trust Hospital’s prominence in the healthcare industry but have also set a benchmark for innovation and comprehensive patient care.”

Under Dr. Ameh’s leadership, Trust Hospital has emerged as a leader in innovative yet affordable healthcare. Initially, she developed and is in the implementation stage of a five-year strategy plan for the hospital, adding value and creating confidence in the hospital’s shareholder.

In her second year, she built an additional hospital, The Trust Premium Centre, which utilized sustainable raw materials to cater to children. This year saw the launch of dedicated oncology services through the Trust Cancer Care unit, prioritizing patient comfort, privacy, and emotional support. Last year, the hospital introduced its state-of-the-art Premium Centre, offering a range of treatments that would otherwise require patients to seek treatment abroad.

Last week, Trust Hospital launched its Quality Healthcare and Patient Safety Agenda in alignment with the global commemoration of Quality Healthcare Day, emphasizing the importance of achieving quality in every aspect of service delivery for the benefit of patients.

About the Trust Hospital

The Trust Hospital is a comprehensive healthcare provider offering quality yet affordable services. Under its brand, it operates four hospitals and five clinics in Adenta, Dansoman, Dome, Sakumono, and Tema. Services include GP and specialist consultations, chemotherapy, dialysis, obstetrics and gynecology, urology, pediatrics, dental, ophthalmology, ENT, physiotherapy, dietetics, orthopedic, and clinical psychology. For more information visit

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