(1). They said Dr. Bawumia could not come to Bawku. He came. I saw him with my own two eyes at the palace of the Bawku Naba.

(2). They said Dr. Bawumia would not be able to admit publicly and say the Zugrana is the Overlord of the Kusuag Traditional Area.

I heard Dr. Bawumua, with my own two ears, publicly call the Zugrana, His Royal Majesty the Bawku Naba, and overlord of the Kusaug Traditional Area.

(3). They said Dr. Bawumia could not come to Bawku to visit the Zugrana and not be tempted to visit the other side (that is, the Mamprusis of South and North Natinga).

I timed the arrival of Dr. Bawumia and his delegation to the Bawku Naba’s palace at about 12: 12 PM. and his departure from Bawku at about 1:55 PM. Dr. Bawumia and his dejegation did not go to South and North Natinga.

(4).They said the Bawku Naba did not show any interest in receiving Dr. Bawumia.

I saw with my own two eyes and heard with my own two ears how Dr. Bawumia was well received by the Bawku Naba, the Chiefs, Elders, and People of Bawku.

(5). I have been permanently resident in Bawku and risked my life observing, monitoring, and reporting on the Bawku conflict since November/December 2021, and I have never noted the sort of mystical occurrence that took place when Dr. Bawumia visited Bawku on 12th December 2023. It seemed a spiritual force had descended from the sky to swallow the noisesome pestilence in Bawku! Amazing!

(6). Fellow Ghanaians, I can tell you that you can listen to people on Accra radio and television say what they like about Dr. Bawumia. You can hate to love or love to hate Dr. Bawumia. But from what I saw and heard in Bawku on 12th December 2023, I can emphatically tell you that Dr. Bawumia is a mystical force you underestimate or underrate at your own peril!

(7). To those who planned and actioned the visit of Dr. Bawumia to Bawku on 12th December 2023, I can tell you emphatically that Dr Bawumia’s visit to Bawku was a masterstroke!

From the desk of the Permanent Representative and Ambassador Extraordinaire/Plenipotentiary to BAWKU
13th December 2023