The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) in Suhum Constituency in theEastern Region has expressed deep concern over the reported deployment of military officials in the ongoing District Assembly Elections within the Akorabo Electoral area.

According to party officials, the actions and demeanor of these purported military officials, allegedly deployed by the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Margret Darko are causing apprehension and are perceived as attempts to intimidate voters, particularly in NDC strongholds.

Dove Maxwell, the Suhum Communication Officer for the NDC, issued a statement conveying the party’s discontent with what they describe as unpleasant and, in their view, barbaric actions, which they believe are orchestrated from higher authorities.

The NDC issued a stern caution to the MCE and any government officials allegedly associated with the reported acts of harassment against NDC members in the mentioned electoral areas.

The party demands an immediate cessation of such actions or warns of reciprocal measures.

Only 12 out of 29 electoral areas in Suhum took part in this District level election.

The MCE has not responded to phone calls for reaction.

In the Eastern region voting took place in 13 out of 33 Districts and Municipalities due to what the Electoral Commission describes as technical challenge.

The EC has meanwhile rescheduled voting in the affected areas to December 21,2023.

Source: Ghana/ Ansah