Ralph Poku-Adusei, a parliamentary candidate aspirant on the ticket of New Patriotic Party (NPP) for the Bekwai Constituency in the Ashanti Region, has in response to a request by the chiefs, elders and people of Aboaso, Dotom, Asokore, Gyasikrom and Koniyaw, all of which are suburbs in the Bekwai constituency, offered to finance the reshaping of their deplorable roads.

Lawyer Ralph’s decision is in response to an appeal made to him by Nananom and residents of the beneficiary communities (Aboaso, Dotom, Asokore, Gyasikrom, and Koniyaw) during the inauguration of a 12-bedroom teachers’ quarters and computer laboratory which has been built in the community at Koniyaw on 30 November 2023.

The reshaping of roads is to ensure that the residents in these communities are not cut off from the Municipal capital and adjoining towns due to the bad nature of their roads which become inaccessible when it rains in the constituency.

A necessary duty

Speaking to local journalists at the start of the reshaping works, Ralph Poku Adusei said he decided to mobilize resources to give the selected roads a phase lift because it had become extremely necessary to keep economic activity going in those parts of the Bekwai constituency to safeguard the livelihoods of the indigenes of the communities who must of a necessity, use the roads for their farming business and sale of their goods.

“When the chiefs and elders of Koniyaw, Gyasikrom, Dotom, Asokore, Aboaso, among others, lamented about their roads, I immediately considered it a necessary duty to intervene and get some contractors to move to the various towns and reshape the roads for my fellow constituents,” lawyer Ralph said.

“The reshaping of the roads should be the first step. I believe that these areas in the Bekwai constituency contribute greatly to economic activity in the Bekwai Municipality and going forward, the reshaped roads should be given a further phase lift,” Poku Adusei added.

Odikro of Koniyaw

The “Odikro” of Koniyaw, one of the beneficiary towns of the reshaping of roads initiative by Ralph Poku Adusei reacting to the development in his town said he is looking out for anyone who will bring tangible development to his people.

Ralph, he said has demonstrated to him (the “Odikro”) that he has the wellbeing of his people at heart, and to that end, he has no reason not to commend him for reshaping their roads and to offer his support to him in all his future endeavors, particularly, as he contests to become the NPP parliamentary candidate for the Bekwai Constituency for election 2024.

“I have a strong population of three thousand (3,000) people in Koniyaw alone and none of the other communities can boast of similar numbers. If Ralph has today decided to come and give a phase life to our roads, we can only say a big thank you to him for heeding our call for help” the Odikro of Koniyaw said.

“I have been accused of doing politics and or campaigning for a particular candidate. That cannot be true. I am only commending the one who has responded to our cry for help. Development is my overarching focus and desire for my people and anyone who supports this vision of mine, will also have my unwavering support,” he added.

Ralph to contest in Bekwai

Ralph Poku-Adusei, officially announced his intention to vie for the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) candidacy in the Bekwai Constituency parliamentary seat in the Ashanti Region during the upcoming December 2024 presidential and parliamentary elections.

The Bekwai seat is currently held by the NPP, and the incumbent Member of Parliament (MP), Joseph Osei Owusu (Joe Wise), has decided not to seek re-election after representing the constituency for sixteen years across four different parliamentary terms (2008 to 2024).

NPP’s Primaries

The National Executive Committee of the NPP, in a statement issued on Friday, 10 November 2023, has set the date for the party’s Parliamentary Primaries in constituencies with sitting MPs. The primaries are scheduled for 27 January 2024, with nominations opening on 20 December and closing on 22 December 2023.

Vision for Amansie

Ralph Poku-Adusei, who is a British-trained lawyer with thirteen years of experience in corporate and commercial practice, land acquisition, and criminal law, aims to leverage his extensive experience to represent Bekwai in Parliament.

Having spent his formative years in the constituency, he is committed to transforming the municipality. As an indigene of Bekwai, Poku-Adusei has undertaken several socially impactful projects in the area, demonstrating his dedication to the well-being of its residents.

His vision for Amansie revolves around key thematic areas, including job creation, poverty alleviation, agriculture, infrastructure development, youth employment, education, and pensions.

Education and Livelihood

Poku-Adusei places a strong emphasis on education to break the cycle of poverty, proposing improvements in infrastructure, scholarships, and programs to enhance educational outcomes.

Additionally, he aims to create sustainable livelihoods by fostering entrepreneurship, skill development, and job creation, offering vocational training facilities and support to local enterprises.

Infrastructure Development

Infrastructure development is a top priority for Poku-Adusei, focusing on transportation, water and energy supply, toilet facilities, and sustainable housing programmes.

He envisions attracting local and foreign investors to establish recreational centers, shopping malls, manufacturing companies, and tertiary institutions, ultimately addressing youth unemployment.

Advocacy and Policy Reform

As a lawyer, Poku-Adusei plans to use advocacy and policy reform to address structural issues contributing to poverty. He aims to collaborate with governmental institutions, civil society groups, and local authorities to establish laws and policies promoting social justice and reducing inequality in the Bekwai Municipality.

Healthcare and Social Welfare

Recognizing the importance of a strong social welfare system and accessible healthcare, Poku-Adusei plans to improve social protection programs, healthcare infrastructure, and preventative healthcare practices. He intends to build healthcare facilities closer to constituents, reducing the strain on Bekwai Hospital.

Source: Ghana/Starrfm.com.gh/103.5FM