The Dress A-Kid Foundation, a group of volunteers and its partners, have presented newly sewn dresses and confectionaries to over 200 children in Tunu, a small community in the Anlo district of the Volta region, as part of its “2023 Clothe A Child Christmas Project”.

The objective of this gesture, as stated by the group, is to lessen the seasonal burden faced by parents in this fishing community.

Kofi Effah, a member of the Dress A-Kid Foundation, emphasized that the Child Christmas Project is a way of expressing love to the children and providing support to families grappling with the task of procuring Christmas dresses for their wards during the yuletide season.

“Christmas is a celebration of love, and for many children, new dresses are an integral part of the celebration. So in collaboration with our partners, including Bengift Clothings, Aye Kollections, Step and Shine Foundation, and Iread Initiative, we joined forces to turn this expectation into a reality,” he said.

He further explained that the dresses were crafted from fabrics generously provided by volunteers. The donation extended beyond clothing, encompassing confectionaries such as soft drinks and biscuits.

Community members, overwhelmed with gratitude, thanked to the group for their thoughtful support.

“On behalf of the Tunu community, both young and old, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to all volunteers for bringing smiles to our faces. We hope that every effort, time, resource, and money spent will return in a thousand folds,” remarked Eric, a member of the community.

The Dress A-Kid Foundation operates as an online group, comprising friends united by a belief in the spirit of giving. Since 2013, the group has played a pivotal role in supporting over 5000 children in more than 30 communities across Ghana, both academically and in various aspects of their lives.

Earlier this year, the foundation extended its philanthropic reach by making a significant donation of food items, detergents, and other necessities to the Volta School for the Deaf and Blind in Hohoe.

Source: Ghana/