The deputy ranking member on the Education Committee in Parliament, Dr. Clement Apaak stated that former President John Mahama’s comment on students cheating in the last WASSCE is rightly so.

This comes on the back of unwarranted attacks on the former President for his comments on cheating by students by some students in the Senior High Schools during their final exams.

In a brief statement the Builsa South lawmaker stated there is evidence to the former President’s statement on student cheating during WASSCE.  

“John Dramani Mahama said it as it is when he said some students were allowed to cheat during the recent WASSCE [GHASSCE] examinations.

“Africa Education Watch’s monitoring of WASSCE examinations over the past few years has revealed that cheating has become more widespread and brazing. In some instances, it’s organised, with teachers and supervisors helping students to cheat,” Dr. Apaak stated.

He continued: “I shared here, with the permission of Mr. Alorvi, a message to him by a teacher on cheating. As indicated in the message, the teacher is an assistant supervisor for examinations in his school as well as an assistant WAEC examiner. From his message, he regrets not allowing organised cheating in this year’s WASSCE in his school.”

The Builsa South Member of Parliament (MP) further called on all stakeholders to help address the cheating menace.  

“As John Dramani Mahama rightly indicated, the effects of cheating will be apparent in the not too distant future. The sooner we seriously address examination malpractices, the better for us as a nation,” he stated.

Attached is the chat with by Supervisor and Mr. Kwami Alorvi

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