Dr. Mathew Opoku Prempeh aka Napo is NPP’s Best choice for the vice presidential slot if the party is serious about breaking the 8 and the reasons for this are not farfetched

Most party grassroots members who have complained about accessibility to government officials have singled Napo out as the exception rather than the norm. It is common knowledge that since taking office in 2017, party members have had serious challenges gaining access to government officials as they refuse to answer phone calls or messages and you are made to sit at their front desk for hours without seeing them. However, most party footsoldiers point Napo out as one who has largely given them access, but more so, attended to their needs.

Beyond accessibility, the NPP cannot and should not shy away from the fact that Ashanti region is its world bank and for it to stand the chance of a record breaking of the eight, Ashanti will have to turn out in its numbers. The NPP’s biggest challenge in this year’s election is going to be voter apathy, especially in Ashanti region, due to a myriad of issues at the center of which is the perception of neglect.

With such a perception and anger towards the government, you need someone with the appeal and affable nature that will attract voters to give the party a second chance. In my humble opinion, of all the people being considered for the slot of Veep, none can convince me they can help bring out over 2,000,000 voters in Ashanti than Napo, the only scenario that can help the NPP break the 8.

It is very obvious that the Vice President, Dr Mahamud Bawumia, is under intense lobbying to choose one candidate over another. For me, the overarching factor to be considered for this slot is who can best partner him to break the 8. Any other factor is secondary and not in the interest of the NPP. All persons against the candidature of Napo will have to ask themselves if their preferred choice can assure the NPP of breaking the 8? In deciding, the NPP has to be paramount while eschewing any personalization.

Napo’s candidature may bring a lot more of the party members who have been sidelined or feel sidelined or neglected to the fold while exciting the base to turn out for the NPP.

Source: Ghana/Starrfm.com.gh/103.5FM