Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Dr George Akuffo Dampare took road users by surprise on Monday, January 29, restoring order as some drivers on the notorious Spintex Road who were unaware of his presence in a traffic jam engaged in reckless driving.

Spintex Road, notorious for its frustrating traffic congestion, witnessed an unusual morning as the IGP found himself stuck in the standstill traffic.

Instead of utilizing his authority to clear a path with the blare of sirens, Dr Dampare opted to patiently wait, observing the chaotic driving behaviours of others on the road.

Many drivers, unaware of the high-profile passenger in their midst, attempted to cut corners by driving on the shoulders of the road, hoping to escape the bottleneck.

To their surprise, they found themselves face-to-face with none other than the Inspector-General of Police.

Taking immediate action, IGP Dampare personally apprehended several drivers engaged in reckless behaviour, reminding them of the importance of obeying traffic rules and exhibiting patience in congested situations.

One driver, who had ventured out of the queue, was instructed to return to the point of deviation, a place known as ‘Shell,’ and rejoin the traffic from ‘Shell Signboard.’

In a stern admonishment, the IGP questioned the errant driver, “Do you know how long the rest of us have been in the jam? Are you in a hurry more than us?”

The unsuspecting drivers, caught off guard by the IGP’s incognito presence, faced the consequences of their actions as they were promptly arrested.

The incident serves as a reminder that traffic rules apply to all, regardless of rank or position, and that even the country’s top law enforcement officer expects adherence to road regulations.