One of Ghana’s best gospel music exports, Eric Jeshrun has returned with a new song dubbed “Fresh Fire”.

The gospel music gem is back with an anointing-filled song released on Friday.

His new single which is a chant song is aimed at propelling people to the top when all hope seems lost.

Speaking to a section of the media, Eric Jeshrun said,” Leviticus 6: 13 – “The fire shall be kept burning on the altar continually: It must not be extinguished. The sudden silence within the room was what finally birthed the melody and lyrics for this song “FRESH FIRE” long with prayer and deep worship. It was this moment that was captured and produced into this single.”

Eric Jeshrun subsequently urged music lovers to tap the blessings that come with the anointing-inspired song composed within the period of his break.

“Fresh Fire is one of the songs I received during my silent moments in Canada, and I want to share it with the whole world,” he said.

According to him, “In these times when there is so much going on around the world to overwhelm us, “Fresh Fire” would help create a space that ignites a new passion and zeal for life and godliness.”

He urged all those who have missed his ministry to share the life-changing song from his repertoire with the rest of the world. This song is the first off his forthcoming album titled ‘Faith Culture’ which features some of Africa’s best praise and worship leaders and recording artistes.

The song is available on all music streaming platforms.

Stream the song from the link below