Ghanaian foods should be served on planes to Accra – Bozoma advocates

First Black C-level executive and influential Ghanaian Chief Marketing Officer at Netflix, Bozoma Saint John, has joined Ghanaian media mogul, Bola Ray, to push for a culinary revolution on flights heading to Accra.

In a recent interview with Bola Ray on Starr Chat, the top-tier marketing expert is proposing to airline companies to add Ghanaian foods and snacks to their menus when heading to Ghana, to provide not only gastronomic experiences to passengers but to contribute to global recognition of Ghana’s culinary culture.

According to her, she mostly travels or goes to work with her Ghanaian meals and snacks prepared by her mother. “My mother usually prepares and pack for me Ghanaian stews, soups, jollof, and snacks when I am travelling. I choose Ghanaian food over what I am served.”

She also cautioned Africans to be intentional about promoting music, fashion, food, etc produced in Africa.