Dear Inspector General of Police,

First off, I hope this letter finds you in high spirits and excellent health. I am writing to extend my warmest congratulations on the remarkable effort and effective strategy employed by the Ghana Police Service under your leadership during the just-ended Christmas holidays.

As a journalist who closely observes societal issues impacting community well-being and safety, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for citizens to feel safe within their own neighborhoods and while attending various events during the Christmas holidays, particularly on the 31st of December, when many Christians attend vigil nights.

It is an undeniable fact that Ghanaians have long been victims of numerous crimes, including robberies, petty thefts, and other unfortunate incidents during such festive holidays. However, the just- ended festive season seemed different. Our homes and streets were noticeably safer, and it was quite evident that your well-thought-out approach had a significant impact on protecting our lives and property across the nation.

Your strategic approach to deploying police personnel across key locations did not go unnoticed. The timely deployment of additional resources, such as increased patrols, checkpoints at critical locations, and improved coordination between police officers, undeniably played a crucial role in maintaining law and order across the country.
The enhanced visibility of police personnel on the streets was particularly impressive.

The disguised police officers posing as civilians that mingled with audiences at various musical shows and other public gatherings was highly impressive, safe it was a privilege knowledge. It is, therefore, at this point that I would like to acknowledge the dedication displayed by every police officer under your leadership during the season.

Their commitment to duty deserves immense appreciation, as they worked tirelessly day and night to ensure our safety. The reduction in road accidents is also particularly noteworthy since it is usually one of the major concerns during holiday seasons, when reckless driving tends to prevail. By enforcing traffic regulations more strictly, I believe many lives have been saved from unnecessary tragedies.

Dr. Dampare, it is through effective strategies like yours that we can make significant progress towards building a safer society for all Ghanaians. Your efforts have not only saved lives but have also helped restore faith in the police among citizens, who often fear for their security during these festive periods.

On behalf of all concerned citizens who enjoyed a peaceful Christmas season due to your extraordinary efforts, I once again extend my heartfelt congratulations!

May you continue with such outstanding initiatives aimed at safeguarding our beloved country throughout each passing year. Together, we can build a safer nation where every citizen can celebrate joyous occasions without fear or apprehension. I salute!

Yours sincerely,
Kwame Adinkrah

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