YFM Moves to Legon City Mall! Y107.9FM, Ghana’s No.1 Young and Urban Station has announced its relocation to a new state-of-the-art studio inside the Legon City Mall.

This significant move marks a new chapter for the popular radio station and reflects its commitment to growth, innovation, and providing the best experience for its huge audience.

The decision to relocate was driven by a desire to provide enhanced facilities and a collaborative working environment for the team, guests, and content creators.

The new studio, aptly named “The Hit Factory,” is equipped with cutting-edge technology and features a sleek design that fosters creativity and productivity.

“We are excited to announce our move to Legon City Mall,” said Timothy karikari Director of Broadcasting at Global Media Alliance Broadcasting Company (GMABC), “This new space represents a significant investment in our future and will allow us to continue delivering the high-quality entertainment that our listeners expect.”

The new location offers several benefits for the brand and its audience. Legon City Mall is situated in the heart of Accra and surrounded by a significant number of tertiary institutions. This makes it easily accessible for young persons and creators who intend to collaborate and gain assistance from the brand. Additionally, the mall’s diverse range of shops and facilities, such as the biggest gym in Ghana, an AstroTurf pitch, game centre and many more provide YFM with opportunities for collaboration and engagement Ghana’s digital and content creators.

YFM is confident that the move to Legon City Mall will help it to further solidify its position as the nations best platform for persons between the ages of 15 to 45 years with a spill over to those who are older but young at heart. The station’s commitment to providing exceptional entertainment for its young audience remains unchanged, and YFM is excited to see what the future holds at its new home.

Highlights of the new radio studio and recording studio: State-of-the-art technology: The new studios are equipped with the latest technology, ensuring the highest quality broadcasting and recording experience. Sleek and modern design: The studio features a modern design that is both inspiring and functional. Picture-perfect graffiti: The studio boasts a beautiful graffiti mural that serves as a perfect backdrop for photos.

What to expect from YFM at Legon City Mall:

More live shows: YFM plans to host more live shows and events at its new studio, providing listeners with more opportunities to interact with their favourite DJs and personalities.

Exciting interactive segments: YFM is committed to creating new and exciting interactive segments that will keep listeners engaged.

Revamped shows and programs: Existing programs such as Myd Morning Show and Dryve of Your Life will be revamped with new features and segments.

Enhanced audience interaction: YFM is committed to providing its listeners with more opportunities to interact with the station, both online and offline.

With its move to Legon City Mall, YFM is poised to continue its reign as Ghana’s leading radio station for the young and young at heart. The station is excited to embark on this new chapter and looks forward to connecting with its listeners in new and exciting ways.