Residents of Akyem Gyadam in the Birim Central municipality of the Eastern Region have voiced their opposition to the introduction of community mining in their town.

They accused their chief, Berima Kwasi Nketiah II, and Member of Parliament, Hon. Alexander Akwasi Acquah, of pushing for the implementation of community mining, which they fear will lead to the destruction of their farmlands, rivers and natural resources.

During a press conference held in Akyem Gyadam, Mr. Appiah Boamah, the leader and convener of the residents, expressed concerns about the potential negative impacts of mining activities on their community.

He cited the lack of essential infrastructure such as better roads, access to clean water, sanitation facilities and warned that allowing mining in the area would exacerbate their existing challenges.

Several aggrieved residents also spoke out against the proposed mining project, emphasizing their displeasure with the potential environmental and socio-economic consequences.

In response, Chief Berima Kwasi Nketiah II confirmed that he and his elders had approached the MP to explore the possibility of implementing community mining as a means of creating job opportunities for the youth.

However, he assured that measures would be put in place to prevent the destruction of farmlands.

MP Hon. Alexander Akwasi Acquah clarified that while he had assisted the chief and elders in navigating the proper procedures for community mining, he personally had no intention of promoting mining activities in the town.

He urged residents not to hold him responsible for the initiative, as he was merely facilitating the requests of their leaders.

Source: Ghana/ Ansah