Ken Ofori Atta - Minister of Finance
Ken Ofori Atta - Minister of Finance

The dean at the University of Cape Coast Business School (UCCBS), Professor John Gatsi has stated appointing Ken Ofori-Atta to the Presidency as Minister-in-Charge of Economy and International Investment will undermine the work of the new Minister.

This comes on the back of media reports that President Akufo-Addo intends appointing the former Minister for Finance as Minister-in-Charge of Economy and International Investment at the Presidency.

This has been criticized by a section of Ghanaians and a call on the President to reconsider such a decision.

But speaking on Starr Midday News with Nurein Abass, the Professor Gatsi stated that he will not be surprised if President Akufo-Addo makes such an appointment.

According to him, the President heaped a lot of praise on the Minister of Finance and the other former Ministers which suggests that he cannot do without some of them.

“That is just a rumor as to whether it is true or not, we can’t confirm, but if that is the case. It is not surprising because the President if you listen to the tone of the letter asking those people to exit office. The letter praised them for their hard work, praised them for their competence and praised them for their commitment.

“Now somebody who is committed, hardworking, competent you can’t remove that person from office. So it is just because of some political dynamics that is the reason they have been asked to leave office. The President believes in them and the Finance Minister, he can’t do without the Finance Minister.

He continued: “So if he appoints him at the Presidency as a Minister-in-charge of the Economy and International Investment that is also a way of undermining the work that the new Minister is going to do. Because he will be under some kind of control.”    

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