Award-winning musician, Kwame Nsiah-Apau also known by the stage name Okyeame Kwame says Ghana’s music industry is dying faster due to the bad economy artists have to grapple with.

This comes on the back of older artists in the develop countries doing so well such as the best new artists at the Grammys is over 39years, the best hip pop star also went to 43-year-old artist among others.

Speaking on Star Chat with Bola Ray, Okyeame Kwame stated that the reason for older artists doing so well outside and not in Ghana is because of the economic situation.

“You can’t indulge in art unless you grow and feed yourself. Because I have never seen a hungry boy looking at the sunset and saying that it is a beautiful sunset.

“Bola when you have a broken leg you don’t think of anything other than to heal that pain.  So for us Africans we have sort of relegated our economy and given it to the white man to do what they want with it,” Okyeame stated.

He continued: “We can’t enjoy the sunset, we can’t taste food, that’s why our fashion is not going anywhere. Hip life couldn’t survive because of the economy.”

He however added that successive governments have helped but “it is woefully inadequate.” 

Okyeame also advised that something must be done to turn things around with the Ghanaian music industry.

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