It has emerged at the High Court in Accra (Human Rights Division) that Justice Nicholas Mensah Abodakpi who is handling the case filed against the Office of the Special Prosecutor has retired.

Justice Abodakpi had adjourned the case in which the former Secretary of the Inter-Ministerial Committee on illegal Mining Charles Bissue is seeking an enforcement of his fundamental human rights against the OFfice of the Special Prosecutor for hearing.

Mr Bissue, the Plaintiff and his lawyers were to comply with directive to file written submissions and for the other parties to also complied with orders.

But, when the case came up on Thursday, February 1, 2024, the parties were informed that, the sitting judge has retired.

Charles Bissue, the Plaintiff, his lawyers and Prosecutors of the OSP were present in Court.

Subject matter

Charles Bissue who is seeking for the enforcement of his human rights is asking for the following relief from the Human Rights;

a). Quash or cancel the Arrest Warrant issued against the Applicant by the 2nd Respondent to the 1st Respondent.

b). Quash the 1st Respondent’s Notice, declaring the Applicant wanted.

c). Compel the 1st Respondent to comply with the provisions of L.I. 2374 by providing the Applicant with a copy of the Petitions, forming the basis of the investigations being conducted by the 1st Respondent in respect of which the Applicant is deemed to be a necessary person.

d). Prohibit the the 1st Respondent, pending the determination of Suit No. J/0328/2023, from applying for Arrest Warrants and hounding the Applicant in the name of investigations.

Source: Ghana/ Inusah