Member of Parliament for Mpraeso in Eastern Region Davis Opoku-Ansah has issued a fervent call for urgent de-escalation and a shift towards dialogue and peaceful resolution on the violent clash between irate youth and Police in Kwahu Bepong.

The community has been rocked by violence with reports of police using live ammunition to control an agitated crowd resulting in one fatality and injuries to others.

Opoku-Ansah condemned the use of excessive force, emphasizing the paramount importance of the safety and well-being of the constituents.

“The reported use of live ammunition by police to control the agitated crowd, resulting in one fatality and injuries to others, is unacceptable and demands immediate revaluation” .said Davis Opoku-Ansah.

“I call for an urgent de-escalation of the increasing police presence and a shift towards dialogue and peaceful resolution. The safety and well-being of my constituents are paramount, and this can only be achieved through restraint, transparency, and engagement with the community” The MP said in a statement.

According to the MP, economic activities in Kwahu Bepong have ground to a halt due to the heightened police presence, with farm produce such as bananas rotting as residents fear for their lives.

Davis Opoku-Ansah implored all residents, particularly the youth, to remain calm and peaceful during this challenging period.

He underscored the need for unity in efforts to restore harmony and security within the community.

The MP extended his thoughts to the victims and their families, urging for collective action to rebuild peace and trust in Bepong.

Ghana Police Service has apprehended over 70 individuals linked to an assault on police officers and the destruction of properties as it restores calm in the community.

Starr News has gathered that, last week  a 23-year-old Kwasi Tenkorang, an ex-convict allegedly  raped and murdered a 45-year-old woman, Akua Kyerewaa.

Brother of the victim, Kwasi Antwi, who attempted to rescue his sister during the act, was also hit on the head with a metal bar, resulting in his instant death sparking a collective outcry for justice in the community.

The community’s response included a promise of a reward from the chief for anyone aiding in the capture of the alleged killer.

On Sunday, February 4, 2024, a vigilant resident spotted the suspect in Kwasi Fori, leading to a swift arrest.

However, tensions escalated when the Police arrived at the scene to intervene, resulting in a clash with the mob.

Five police officers sustained severe injuries, prompting the reinforcement which shots were fired, unintentionally causing the death of a woman and injuring three others.

The volatile situation escalated further as citizens, fueled by grief and anger, targeted the police assets, damaging over six (6) police motorcycles and rendering a patrol team vehicle inoperable.

The chief’s palace also suffered damages, with items destroyed and burnt in the chaos.

Source: Ghana/ Ansah