Pharrel Anokye-Adisi, has embarked on the ‘Drug Menace’ project to support Ghanaian youth struggling with drug abuse to be empowered, supported, and offered opportunities to break free from the cycle of addiction.

The project, with its focus on the youth, aims to address the prevalence of drug abuse amongst Ghanaian youth by implementing regionally targeted interventions and providing essential resources for recovery, rehabilitation, and proper reintegration into society.

According to him, the Drug Menace is to bridge the gap of seemingly apathy of the state and society in general towards the increasing prevalence rate of drug abuse in Ghana. This is to create a society where Ghanaian youth struggling with drug abuse are empowered, supported, and offered opportunities to break free from the cycle of addiction, leading to a healthier and brighter future.

‘To collaborate with relevant stakeholders through the proposition of a set of recommendations informed by accurate data for reducing the abuse of drugs among the Ghanaian youth as well as address the issue of social integration after rehabilitation. Paramount to the objective is also to assist in achieving the UN SDG 1, 3 & 4 to address the issues of poverty, improve well-being, and improve inclusive and equitable education among reformed youths.”

He added that this project is tailoring the objectives to the achievement of the UN SDG 1, 3 & 4 as available global and local data of victims of substance abuse shows that they are within the brackets of people below the absolute poverty line, lack proper health care systems, and are also school dropouts.

The Drug Menace aims to make a significant difference in the lives of Ghanaian youth caught in the vicious cycle of drug abuse. By implementing targeted interventions, providing resources, and collaborating with stakeholders, the project envisions a future where these individuals can rediscover hope, reclaim their lives, and become valuable contributors to their communities.

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