The President of Citizen Eye Ghana, Alex Kwaku Tetteh is urging Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia to settle the ongoing dispute in Bawku to consolidate and guarantee his victory in the North.

Speaking in a facebook live interview conducted by and CITEG Agric TV, Alex Tetteh raised concerns about land ownership and independence in Northern Ghana. The conflict, he says existed even before 1980 according to him is deeply rooted in geographical boundaries.

He adds the Mamprusis insist on referring to the area made up of six administrative districts (Bawku Municipal, Zebilla, Binduri, Pusiga, Garu and Tempane) as “Bawku Traditional Area” while Kusasis consistently refer to the area as “Kusaug Traditional Area”.

Alex Tetteh says the Vice President, Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia should urge Nayiri, the king of the Moosi Moronaba, to release the land to the Kusasi, whom he sees as the rightful owners.

He asserted that resolving this long-standing land dispute will be crucial for Dr. Bawumia’s electoral success in the region. The issue has become a focal point ahead of the upcoming elections, with many Kusasi demanding independence from the Mossi Moronaba, arguing that the land belongs to them and that the time has come for autonomy.

Alex Tetteh has admonished Dr. Bawumia to be critical in his response to these demands, as it could impact voting patterns in Northern Ghana.

Meanwhile, Mr. Tetteh has challenged former President John Dramani Mahama’s plans to build offices for the Minerals Commission if elected. Alex Tetteh argues that the Minerals Commission was fully operational and that the NPP government had already established offices in different regions across the country, including Oda, Bibiani, Tarkwa, Tamale, and other locations across the country. He further suggested that the government should consider financially supporting media houses to broadcast government projects, as many people are not aware of the good works the government is undertaking. He insisted that the government was doing a good job, but the communication vehicle of the government has been shambolic in sounding the achievements of the government.

Source: Ghana/ Kojo