Credit: The Ghanaian Farmer

In a LinkedIn post made yesterday, Enyonam Manye, host of the Ghanaian Farmer TV show unveiled plans to honor the achievements of the Top 50 Agribusiness Women in Africa as part of the International Women’s Day celebration on March 8, 2024.

In her post, she highlighted the significance of recognizing and celebrating the success of women in the agribusiness sector, to The Ghanaian Farmer TV. They will not only honor these trailblazers, but also promote inclusion and inspire others within the industry. The initiative invites nominations of outstanding women in agribusiness to be featured prominently on The Ghanaian Farmer TV and various online platforms.

The selected Top 50 Agribusiness Women will receive recognition on The Ghanaian Farmer TV Show’s International Women’s Day special, showcasing their accomplishments and contributions to the sector. Moreover, their achievements will be featured on the organization’s official websites and social media platforms, as well as the Women in Food and Agribusiness Magazine.

The Ghanaian Farmer TV show which airs on Joy Prime TV and online, enlightens Ghanaians, both within the country and abroad, about the extensive opportunities within the agricultural sector. This is achieved through insightful field interviews with farmers and experts. It is produced by Count on Crops Hub, founded and led by Enyonam Manye.

Enyonam Manye is well known in the agricultural space due to the engaging content she churns out to inspire the youth to take advantage of the opportunities the agribusiness space presents. She encourages the public to participate in this celebration by nominating deserving women in the agribusiness sector. Nominations can be submitted through the provided link. Deadline for submission is February 20, 2024.