Reesa Teesa’s viral TikTok series, “Who the fuck did I marry,” has captivated audiences worldwide, shedding light on her tumultuous journey with a deceitful ex-husband. The 50-part series, garnering over 114 million views, exposes the shocking lies spun from their first meeting in March 2020 until she finally ousted him in June 2021.


Reesa, who affectionately refers to her ex as ‘Legion’ due to his pathological lying, recounts their initial meeting on a Facebook and Hinge dating site. Legion painted a false picture of himself, claiming to be a former arena football player turned vice president at a condiment company. He fabricated tales of family ties and financial stability, all proven to be fabrications later on.

Despite numerous red flags, Reesa found herself drawn to Legion, especially when he came to her aid during a car tire mishap on their first date, and when she discovered she was pregnant (miscarried later on). Little did she know; Legion’s charm masked a web of lies. As their relationship deepened, so did the deception, including imaginary family members, fake conversations with family, friends and agents, as well as, fake bank statements and accounts.

Reesa courageously shares her painful journey, emphasizing the importance of self-trust and careful partner selection. In one of her videos, she stated; “… I was desperate. I wanted to be married. I wanted a family and I thought it was my turn. Instead, I got pulled into something my brain could not even comprehend. And guess what guys? What I just told you, it’s only 5% of the story.”

In the last part (50) of the series, Reesa concluded: “I am fully aware I dodged a bullet. I am so grateful to God, that I did not have that man’s child. When I started making this series and I made the decision to tell my story, my motive was that I just want to help one person. If there’s a woman out there who’s like, ‘Ah, I want to be married and I met this guy and something doesn’t seem right but you know maybe he’s not that bad’. My advice is honey just go ahead and do your research because I can honestly tell you being single sucks. In my opinion, sometimes it sucks but being married to the wrong person is a type of hell no one should have to go through.”


Her story resonates with viewers, prompting reflections on the pressures society places on women to marry quickly. Viewers worldwide have reacted with empathy, encouragement, and gratitude for Reesa’s courage.

One viewer commented, “I’m just sitting here crying. I’m the 1 you just saved. I’m on day 7 of no contact because something felt off. Now I know I did the right thing. thank you.” Another comment read, “your story has a lot of women paying attention to their gut now. You are enough!” Some also showed their sympathy and support for her by leaving comments such as “when she said ‘I wanted it to be my turn’ I felt her!” and “Love after Legion, we are ready for that story”.

Personal Lessons:

In my view, Reesa’s experience and story have opened the eyes of many young women desperate to find love and get married, particularly in a society where women are expected to marry by a certain age and face inquiries about their marriage plans. Such societal norms have become normalized without recognizing the pressure they impose on women, leading them to make impulsive decisions to meet societal expectations.

It is crucial to recognize red flags in our relationships and understand them to prevent dire consequences. Reesa’s story vividly illustrates how she overlooked numerous red flags, hoping it would finally be ‘her turn,’ as she phrases it. Women are now encouraged to take red flags seriously to avert tragic consequences in relationships that could impact their mental health.

Additionally, Reesa never met any of Legion’s family members before or during their marriage, trusting all the lies he told her. This serves as a poignant reminder for individuals to connect with their partner’s family. An African saying goes, ‘marriage is an alliance between two families.’ Knowing your partner’s family members before committing to a lifelong relationship is essential.

Moreover, Reesa’s shared story not only cautions women against desperation for marriage or a partner but also motivates women worldwide to conduct thorough research on their partners before entering a relationship with them.

In conclusion, Reesa’s 50-part series, ‘Who the fuck did I marry,’ not only narrates a story but also imparts valuable and practical life lessons. It encourages viewers to be more cautious and responsible in their relationships.

Source: Ghana/ Adjei London