The Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) is lamenting the huge disconnection between our educational system and industry.

According to the AGI, one of the biggest challenges they have in the country is our educational system mainly focusing on producing a lot of graduates in only grammar-speaking fields.

Speaking at the Validation and Dissemination workshop organized by the VTF Programme, a Christian-based NGO providing support services to enhance the delivery of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in Ghana, the Greater Accra Chairman of the AGI, Mr Tsonam Akpeloo echoed that as far as industry is concerned, they need certain specific skills which are TVET enabled.

“The folks in the industry are looking for certain types of skills to hire. Unfortunately, the school keeps focusing on producing a lot of our graduates in grammar-speaking areas” he indicated.

” As far as industry is concerned, we need certain specific skills which are TVET-enabled” Mr Akpeloo urged.

Mr Akpeloo therefore called on policymakers to redesign our educational curriculum to mimic what the industry requires.

“We want our educational system to be redirected to produce those types of skill sets.”

On her part, the Director of the VTF Programme, Madam Linda Agyei also urged the youth to fully embrace the concept of TVET for economic growth.

She therefore pledged VTF’s commitment to fully support young people who engage in TVET-related activities.

“VTF is committed to advocate, influence policies, and to be the gatekeeper in sustaining a responsive TVET system that is responsive to the employment needs of the youth,” she echoed.

Source: Ghana/ Nyarko