Shatta Wale clashes Arnold United Showbiz

Dancehall act, Shatta Wale, says Prophet Nigel Gaisie should be arrested following his alleged prophecy about late Deputy Finance Minister, John Kumah.

Speaking on GTV, Shatta Wale expressed dismay at the lack of action taken by authorities against Gaisie, emphasising his commitment to curbing what he perceives as false prophecies.

“I told myself that when I come out of prison, I am going to make sure they stop all these pastors from delivering those nonsense false prophecies,” Shatta Wale asserted during the interview.

His remarks came in light of the recent controversy surrounding John Kumah’s untimely demise and Gaisie’s prophecy, which allegedly hinted at impending threats against a certain deputy minister.

In his declaration last year, Gaisie cryptically warned of an attack targeting a Deputy Minister of Finance, spurring speculation after Kumah’s passing in March 2024.

Despite the outcry, Gaisie’s foresight into Kumah’s health condition since November 2023, as revealed by the late minister’s widow, has added complexity to the situation.

“Nigel Gaisie was like a brother. He knows my late husband, lawyer John Kumah personally, one-on-one,” John Kumah’s widow disclosed, shedding light on their personal relationship with the prophet.

She further emphasised Gaisie’s prior knowledge of Kumah’s terminal illness, questioning the authenticity and motive behind his prophetic utterances.

Amidst growing scrutiny, Shatta Wale’s vocal stance underscores the tension between religious prophecy and accountability, sparking debate over the role of spiritual leaders in shaping public discourse and the consequences of their proclamations. As the controversy continues to unfold, the demand for transparency and accountability within the realm of prophecy remains at the forefront of public discourse.