The Speaker of Parliament Rt. Hon Alban Bagbin joined the people of Takpo in celebrating this year’s Wilaa festival in the Upper West Region.

In his address, Speaker Bagbin emphasized the importance of festivals as catalysts for unity, peace, and development.

He commended the Takpo Traditional Area for its commitment to celebrating the Wilaa festival for over twenty-six years, highlighting its significance in preserving cultural heritage and fostering community cohesion.

Acknowledging the presence of esteemed guests, including Paramount Chief Naa Widaana Nanga II, and various dignitaries from both Ghana and Burkina Faso, Speaker Bagbin expressed gratitude for the invitation to participate in the cultural and historic festivities.

Speaker Bagbin underscored the theme of the festival, “nuoriyeni, maarong aneng maaluu” (unity, peace, and development), as particularly relevant in the current era of rapid technological advancement and global challenges. He urged communities to showcase their cultural values to the younger generation and emphasized the role of traditional authorities in shaping national discourse and governance.

Drawing attention to local development issues, Speaker Bagbin called for collective action to address challenges such as the sustainable exploitation of natural resources, particularly gold mining in Takpo, and the need for community involvement in decision-making processes.

Speaker Bagbin appealed to traditional leaders to guide the country in reducing chieftaincy disputes and promoting peace and justice. He encouraged citizens to reflect on their lives during the holy seasons of fasting and to support traditional rulers in their efforts to build a better Ghana for future generations.

The Wilaa festival celebration in Takpo concluded with prayers for the prosperity and unity of Ghana, as well as expressions of gratitude for the rich cultural heritage of the Takpo Traditional Area.

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