The Chief of Abeadze Kwakrom in the Mfantseman Municipality has slammed his residents for turning the entire community into defecating grounds.

Speaking to GHOne News, the residents said the community has been turned into defecating grounds due to the lack of toilet facilities.

According to the residents, the lack of toilet facilities has pushed them to defecate along the roadside, in people’s backyards, and farms, and in polythene bags resulting in bad stench in the area.

The resident said the situation is causing strange diseases in the community which needs to be tackled immediately.

The Chief of Abeadze Kwakrom Nana Abedi Akomanin VII said he feels ashamed for seeing people in such acts of open defecation.

According to him, apart from the community lacking toilet facilities, there are no health facilities as well.

He said it is always difficult for the residents to get access to health care.

They have to travel long miles to Abura Dunkwa before getting access to health care.

They are therefore appealing to the government, the Member of Parliament for Mfantseman Constituency to support them with a Health Facility.

The Member of Parliament for Mfantseman, Ophelia Mensah Heyford in responding to their plead promised to build a health center for the Community to end any misfortune that may occur when one wants to seek health care.

During a handing over of a 20-seater toilet facility in the Abeadze Kwakrom community, she advised the residents to adopt a maintenance culture on the facility.

She also assured that she will do all she can to develop the community.

Source: Ghana/ Boagyan