File photo: The joint task force (JTF) overseeing the nationwide ban on small scale and illegal mining in Ghana, Operation Vanguard

A renal patient, Thomas Cann has called on the government to deal with illegal mining also known as galamsey in order to reduce the high rate of kidney disease in the country.

Speaking on the Morning Starr with Francis Abban, the renal patient indicated that despite Ghana Water Company putting in a lot more effort in treating water there are a high number of kidney patients from the mining areas.

“I fear for Ghana especially these times that galamsey activities are really high, almost everywhere. Mind you whatever they are drilling into our water bodies is what Ghana Water Company is trying very hard to make it hold some to distribute to our homes.

“Ghana Water is really trying but again you ask yourself, are they able to treat it to make it hold some for us to take? What about areas where they don’t have water treated before they drink it?” Mr. Cann quizzed.

According to him, the level of polluted water that citizens in galamsey areas are taking puts them at high risk.

“This is the time that all of us have to get up and fight the galamsey menace. To tell you the truth a lot of the patients that we meet in the hospital, most of them are coming from the mining areas. So that tells you how scary the thing is,” the renal patient added.

He disclosed that a recent statistics release mentioned that about 17 new renal cases are recorded every month.

“So that tells you how serious the problem is and again a lot of people who are diagnosed with kidney disease if you are not psychologically sound you cannot stand it,” Mr. Cann stated.

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