Former President John Mahama has called on the government to be truthful to the people of Ghana on the challenges in the power sector.

ECG in a statement informed customers their power might go off from between 7 to 11 pm every day.

ECG also explained that six hundred and thirty (630) distribution transformers within communities across their operational areas have been identified to be full to capacity due to increased demand.

But responding to questions during his Building Ghana Tour in Accra, the flag bearer of the NDC urged the government to be honest with Ghanaians on the challenges the power sector is bedeviled with.  

“We are not generating enough electricity and that is because the government doesn’t have enough money to pay for the fuel and the gas so every day they are shading load, about 300 to 400 megawatts. Instead of coming out with a timetable for Ghanaians to know when the lights go off.

“Because the government is afraid Ghanaians will know there is ‘dumsor’ (power crisis) they have resorted to reckless power outages. You will be there and then your power goes off without any information. When you complain they will say the transformer is faulty,” Mr. Mahama stated.   

The former President indicated that Ghanaians are tired of the continued peddling of falsehood over the power outages.

“The government must be truthful to its citizens but the government has made up his mind that he will be lying to the people of Ghana.

“But I know that by the grace of God on the 7th of December 2024, a truthful government which is the NDC will win the election,” the NDC’s flag bearer assured.  

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