Vice President of the Republic of Ghana, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia commissioned the UG Sports Stadium today to climax preparations by Ghana to host her first ever All Africa Games showpiece since independence.

The event marks the 6-day preparation for Africa’s largest multi-disciplinary sporting event at the UG Sports Stadium and the newly constructed Borteyman Sports Facilities.

The Vice President emphasized the importance of hosting the African Games and its positive impact on sports development in Ghana during his speech at the commissioning of the University of Ghana Sport facility.

In his speech, he praised the government’s determination and commitment to hosting the African Games, citing President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo’s vision and commitment:

“Ghana has successfully constructed world-class sports facilities in preparation for the African Games. These facilities include a 10,000 capacity stadium with a modern Mundo track for athletics, a standard warm-up athletic track, and a modern Rugby stadium, which is the largest in West Africa”.

He added that, “there are multi-purpose domes for indoor games and a world-class aquatic center with a warm-up poo.”

The construction of the stadium began over 15 years ago but had been abandoned by successive governments. However, the current government took the initiative to resume construction, resulting in the beautiful facility that stands today. Vice President Bawumia expressed gratitude to former President J.A. Kuffour for his vision in initiating the stadium project and to the Get Fund for providing the initial funding.

The Vice President also hinted on the government’s commitment to sports infrastructure development in the past seven years:

“The government has constructed ten multi-purpose sports media in the ten old regions of Ghana, with six projects already completed and the remaining four expected to be completed this year. Additionally, over 150 Astro turfs have been completed in communities across the country, significantly increasing the availability of sports facilities”.

Vice President Bawumia further emphasized Ghana’s historical significance in hosting the African Games, urging the nation to maximize its benefits, celebrating African sporting talent and showcasing unique cultural diversity.

The Vice President highlighted the potential of the African Games to foster social capital, economic growth, employment, healthy lifestyles, and peaceful coexistence.

The African Games, ending on March 23, will feature over 13,000 elite athletes, sports technocrats, technicians, officials, and volunteers.

Source: Ghana/ Kobby Quarshie