Ghana Chamber of Telecommunication says internet connectivity across the country has been restored to nearly 100%.

This comes a week after service was disrupted, throwing the country into various states of frustration and confusion with businesses grinding to a halt due to an interruption in data service provision later attributed to cable issues undersea.

Some telcos have communicated to their consumers that the network has been fully restored with Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Chamber of Telecommunication, Dr. Ing. Ken Ashigbe confirming the service providers through their alternative solution are almost at peak capacity.

“So at this point, as we said, when the chamber issued its first statement and also consistent with what the NCA has been saying in its various updates was the telcos working together with the undersea cable partners and then other international partners bringing connectivity back, getting capacity from all the way connectivity. And as we speak, both of the telcos and other data savings, and I’m pretty sure customers would attest to that.”, he told Starr News.

“You all know that AT because of the fact that they had a redundancy towards the east, they were not that impacted. They could still handle their peak loads.
Telecel has been able to work together with its partners and brought in the capacity that’s handling its peak loads. MTN has also brought in that. So for our members, we are almost up to peak capacity. And other operators have also been able to restore some capacity as well. So yes, we’re close to what our peak capacity is.” Dr. Ing. Ashigbe affirmed.

Dr. Ing. Ashigbe further expressed confidence consumers would be able to attest to the improvements in service.

“This is not one of the things that you can restore and then lie about. So, the sweetness of it, the pudding is in the eating. Our customers would really be able to tell whether now when they send WhatsApp, it goes immediately. They are able to download their files. They are able to access various applications. They are able to do a lot of the things that connectivity would allow them to do.”, he added.

Source: Ghana/ Kojo