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As we anticipate the celebration of International Women’s Day (IWD) 2024, the campaign theme, “Inspire Inclusion,” does not only aim at inspiring others to understand and value our inclusion as women, it also aims at inspiring us to actively prepare to be included in a world that yearns for our influence. It is a call for us to become powerhouse trailblazers. If your desire is to obey this call, this article is a roadmap for you to harness your limitless potential, blaze trails and embody the spirit of inclusion:

Recognize Your Power

In the words of C. JoyBell C., “Every girl and every woman, has the potential to make this world a better place, and that potential lies in the act of thinking higher thoughts and feeling deeper things. When women and girls, everywhere, begin to see themselves as more than inanimate objects; but as beautiful beings capable of deep feelings and high thoughts, this has the capacity to create change all around. The kind of change that is for the better.”

While in the spirit of International Women’s Day, take a moment to recognize the unique power within you. Acknowledge your strengths, accomplishments, and the vast potential that resides within your being. Becoming a powerhouse trailblazer begins with self-awareness and the belief that you possess unparalleled capabilities.

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Define Your Trail with Purpose

One thing that makes me feel proud as a woman is the fact that today, more women, all around the world, are beginning to acknowledge the truth that “nobody gives us power, we just have to take it”, and are blazing trails in diverse industries.

Trailblazing is not just about breaking limitations or setting records, it is about forging a path that aligns with your passions and purpose. Take the time to define your trail—what impact do you want to make? What causes ignite your spirit? Chart a course that resonates with your authentic self, and let purpose guide your every step.

Stay Inspired Through Challenges

The road to trailblazing is not without obstacles, but your ability to stay inspired in the face of challenges is your greatest strength. Who said it is easy to live your dreams and impact the world? It never is, but seeking inspiration in the stories of women who have overcome adversity keeps your going. Remember that, every setback is an opportunity for growth, and your resilience will pave the way for others to follow.

Embrace Mentorship and Empower Others

Oprah Winfrey once defined a mentor as “someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.” But guess what? That’s not all. According to Author Bob Proctor, in addition to recognizing your talent, a mentor “helps to bring it out of you.” As a young woman committed to impacting others, experience has taught me that mentorship is a powerful tool for personal and collective empowerment.

So, be intentional about seeking guidance from those who have walked similar paths, and in turn, empower others on their journey. As you ascend, extend a helping hand to those climbing behind you, creating a network of support that amplifies the strength of all.

Prepare for Inclusion

As already stated earlier, the theme “Inspire Inclusion” is a call to action. You can’t expect inclusion from the world without showing up for it. Actively prepare for the inclusive future you deserve by advocating for equal opportunities, breaking down barriers, and participating in initiatives that champion inclusivity. Inclusion is not merely a concept; it’s a movement, and you are a vital part of it.

Network and Collaborate

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The understanding that our network is a source of strength and light changed my life. Connecting with like-minded women, building collaborations, and amplifying each other’s voices, have paid off in my life more than I anticipated. The truth is that the powerhouse spirit is magnified when united with others. Be intentional about networking and collaborating. Together with other like-minded women, create a collective force that reshapes industries, policies, and societal norms.

Embody the Powerhouse Spirit

Being a powerhouse trailblazer is about embracing your authenticity fearlessly. According to Suzy Kassem, “Being different and thinking differently makes a person unforgettable. History does not remember the forgettable. It honors the unique minority the majority cannot forget.” Pursue your goals with determination, voice your opinions, and celebrate your achievements. The powerhouse spirit resides in your uniqueness, resilience, and unyielding belief in your capabilities.

As we approach IWD 2024, let this be your mantra. Unleash your power, define your trail, stay inspired, and actively prepare for the inclusion you rightfully deserve. The world awaits the influence of powerhouse trailblazers; embrace your role in shaping a more inclusive and equal future for all.

Featured Image by IWD). Published on the eve of International Women’s Day 2024, this piece is dedicated to every woman ready to become a powerhouse trailblazer and champion the cause of inclusion.