Independent Power Generators – Ghana (IPGG) has reiterated the call for the Volta River Authority (VRA) to prioritize the Ghanaian taxpayer and make available hydro generation for them rather than exporting to neighboring countries.

According to IPGG, the nation is currently in a power crisis therefore the VRA must reduce the export of cheap hydro generation to neighboring countries whose citizens are paying much less for power.

“We are currently in crisis, Ghanaians are sleeping in darkness, companies cannot operate with a guaranteed power supply, there is a shortage in supply, etc. making the available cheap hydro generation to Ghanaians, the taxpayer, is supreme and must be of prime consideration, irrespective of your survival concerns. Why should jurisdictions that contribute nothing to Ghana’s economy be prospering on a cheap resource?” the CEO for Independent Power Generators – Ghana, Dr. Elikplim Kwabla Apetorgbor quizzed in a statement.

He continued: “Ghanaians are paying very high tariffs, averaging 14 cents/kWh, particularly at peak time, while those neighbouring countries enjoy about half of the tariff. This is not fair to the Ghanaian. Energy Commission will be seen as biased to other participants in the sector, if this export is not stopped immediately for the benefit of the Ghanaian taxpayers. We are aware of situations in the recent past where load shedding is high and at the same time over 200MW of generation capacity is being exported.”

Attached is the full statement by IPGG

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