For the lovers of a well-garnished Banku and Tilapia dish, which of the two do you think ultimately makes the meal, the meal indeed? The protein component? Or the carbohydrate? Which will you be able to do without? Well, it seems for the Kamoko family, there is a strong belief that what Banku cannot do, ambitious Tilapia can do, and even do better. Abu Tilapia, a proud member of Ghana’s amateur boxing team, the Black Bombers, who is currently participating in the medal zone for the heavyweight division at the All African Games, seeks to make history for his family. How? Let’s find out.

Abubakar Kamoko, popularly known as Abu Tilapia or ambitious tilapia, is the son of Ghanaian boxer, Braimah Kamoko, popularly known as ‘Bukom Banku’. The Kamoko family seems to have a penchant for naming themselves after the beloved Ghanaian dish. Abu Tilapia is a dynamic fighter who has already secured his place in the semifinals by mercilessly dispatching his opponents in the 86kg cruiserweight category and is eyeing to make it to the final stage of the competition.

In 1999, Abu’s father, Braimah Kamoko, also known as Bukom Banku, rose to prominence after winning the bronze medal for Ghana in the heavyweight category in Johannesburg, South Africa, as well as the WBO light heavyweight title in 2011 and the WBO Cruiserweight title in 2012. He is highly expectant of his son doing better than he did and advancing to the grand final for the coveted gold medal.

In an interview with GHOne TV, Bukom Banku said that he actively participates in the training process and calls his son on a continuous basis. He revealed that contrary to beliefs, there is no ‘juju’ involved in his son’s impressive performance and that it is by dint of hard work and his unwavering support for him. He believes that he has completed 70% of what is required for his son to advance to the next level, with the experience he has, emphasizing that Abu Tilapia’s only addition will be to complete the 30% left as he participates in the medal zone in the heavyweight division.

‘If I cannot be a world champion, my pikin will be a world champion.’ Bukom Banku made this declaration, expressing his desire to see his son advance to the ultimate stage and win the gold medal for Ghana. He further encouraged Ghanaians to pray for his son in his upcoming game while admonishing that his son should remain fearless even as the time approaches.

Ghanaians have shown their unwavering support, encouraging the young fighter to make his father proud and fulfill his dream. As anticipation grows, it’s only fair to ask, “Will Tilapia indeed do what Banku could not do?” Can he exceed his father’s bronze medal legacy and bring home the prized gold medal? Will he be stuck at a bronze medal himself, repeating history, or will he take it a step further? Or rather amusingly, should we expect another champion from the Kamoko family to get the job done? A ‘Shito Kamoko’ perhaps? Well, only time will tell. We know the history of Banku; it is time for Tilapia to tell his as well.

Source: Ghana/ Kumashie