Let’s Swing for Autism- Play With Stephen officially announces the dates for the 5th Edition of its Annual Golf Tournament to support Autism in Africa as they celebrate World Autism Month.

In commemoration of Autism Awareness Month, a marketing communication expert, Stephen Oluwatoyin Onaivi, has stressed the need to foster acceptance of autism spectrum disorder in society without discrimination. In line with the United Nations’ 2024 theme, ‘Moving from Surviving to Thriving’, Onaivi confirms that this is a great opportunity and privilege to leverage golf, a game we all love and add our voice to this course as he leverages this month to announce the 2024 Play with Stephen Golf Tournament officially. He said, ‘This tournament has existed since 2020 (this year marks its 5th Edition), and the Achimota Golf Club, Accra, has been the host since inception’.

Onaivi highlighted in a statement that ‘the Play with Stephen Golf tournament themed Swing for Autism has become an annual tradition for fun, entertainment and comradeship for a Purpose in Accra’ and, in this case, raising awareness and support for Autism in Africa. It is even more special for us this year because this is the 5th edition of the tournament’.

This year’s event will be held from Friday, August 23rd, through Sunday, August 25th, 2024, at the Achimota Golf Course in Accra. Stephen added, ‘As a golfer, a fun weekend getaway is always a fulfilling experience, and the Achimota Golf Club is happy to host this year’s tournament in style.

He said, “We are excited to bring together our love for golf and our passion for making a difference as we celebrate the 5th edition of Play with Stephen this year. I will play golf all the days of my life for Autism. It’s about time we come together to ensure that every autistic individual has the opportunity to thrive and reach their full potential.”

“In a world where embracing acceptance and inclusivity is crucial, initiatives such as ‘Play with Stephen’ shine brightly as a beacon of hope. It cultivates an environment of openness, understanding, and support for individuals across the autism spectrum. Over the years, the following centres have been beneficiaries of this tournament: The Autism Awareness and Training Centre, Awaawaa2 (Accra) and Shades of Life Centre in Lagos. This year, the team is exploring autistic centres in other parts of Africa to be part of the beneficiaries while retaining the 3 beneficiaries so far. Onaivi says, ‘We will continually strive to increase the number of beneficiaries annually as we strive to do more.’

“Through collective effort, we can dismantle barriers, forge pathways to opportunity, and cultivate a society where every autistic individual can flourish. As we commemorate Autism Awareness Month, let us listen attentively, learn earnestly, and amplify autistic voices.

“Whether on the golf course or in our everyday interactions, let’s wholeheartedly embrace acceptance and celebrate the distinctive strengths and talents that individuals with autism bring to our world.”

Onaivi formally invites golfers with existing handicaps to participate in the experience by registering at www.playwithstephen.org. He also encouraged all players to download the Gamebook app for an enhanced experience, as Gamebook is also an official sponsor of the tournament for the second year. Olston Foundation and Noldith offer high-level admin and technical support to enhance the tournament experience. He also announced that the tournament is open for sponsorship and brand integration for brand owners who wish to target high value customers and also be part of driving support for a good cause.

For media inquiries or to learn more about the event, please get in touch with +233 26 688 4524 and +233 20 955 2560. Email: info@olstonfoundation.com

Together, let’s Swing for Autism in 2024 and move from surviving to thriving.