The Government of Ghana has disclosed that 67 entries were wrongly included in the government’s performance tracker after 48 hours of launching the Tracker  

In a tweet, the government also expressed joy with the level of citizen’s interest in the tracker.

“Following the successful launch of the Performance Tracker, the Government expresses gratitude for the remarkable interest and scrutiny from citizens.

“This level of engagement demonstrates the public’s commitment to ensuring the accuracy and integrity of the information provided.

“Within 48 hours following the launch, our attention has been drawn to 67 entries which were erroneously included,” the tweet concluded.   

The Performance Tracker platform is designed to give Ghanaian citizens easy access to valuable information on the performance of the government of Ghana since 2017.

The achievement of the government’s records come from 30 ministries, organized to show projects undertaken by the government; as well as data on the outcome, impact, and beneficiaries of government interventions, enabling users to assess the effectiveness of these interventions.

The government believes showcasing the achievements can enhance transparency and accountability and build public trust in the government’s ability to deliver on its promises.

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