WhatIF Foods, a pioneering company committed to sustainable and healthy living, has launched BAMnut Milk, a plant-based milk made from 100% Ghanaian Bambara beans. This innovative product is known for its exceptional nutritional value.

Made directly from protein-rich Bambara beans sourced from smallholder farmers in the Northern part of Ghana, BAMnut Milk is a creamy and lactose-free alternative to traditional dairy. Unlike many plant-based milks, BAMnut Milk is enriched with only 3 natural ingredients: bambara beans, coconut oil, and water, and is also devoid of artificial sweeteners, stabilisers, colours, emulsifiers, and preservatives.

What sets BAMnut Milk apart is its high nutrient density as compared with other plant-based milks. This nutritional milk is an excellent source of dietary fibre and rich in calcium, vitamin D, and B12, making it a versatile addition to various diets. It is ideal for use in baking and cooking as well as with coffee, tea, breakfast cereals, and snacks. It is available in three varieties: Airy, Everyday, and Barista. Airy is the lightest and has the fewest calories (80 cal/100ml); Everyday is a bit creamier with a bit more calories (120 cal/100ml), and Barista is the creamiest with the most calories (140 cal/100ml).

BAMnut Milk aligns with the principles of empowering local farmers and supporting sustainability. The drought-resistant properties of the bambara bean, coupled with its ability to flourish in degraded soils, make BAMnut Milk a sustainable choice.

The launch of BAMnut Milk is an invitation to embrace a tastier, healthier, and ecologically friendlier choice that supports local farmers economically. WhatIF Foods has collaborated with over 6,500 registered farmers across 50 communities in the northern region, introducing agrobiodiversity, providing education on regenerative agricultural practices, thereby establishing a sustainable supply chain, and promoting profitable farming.

BAMnut Milk is the new wave of dairy for individuals who are reaching for a healthier lifestyle. It is more than a beverage; it is a premium choice for consumers who are creating a positive impact on the world with one sip at a time. The product is available at selected Shoprite, Melcom, Shell Stations and other retailers located in Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi and Tamale.