Dominion Christian Academy (DCA) has been officially designated as a testing site for the SAT, a widely recognized college admissions test assessing critical reading, writing, and mathematical skills. effective November 2024.

The designation allows up to 150 students to conveniently register for and take the SAT examination at DCA.

In a communiqué announcing the school’s designation, management stated that the milestone achieved was proof of its commitment to ensuring that DCA students receive the best educational opportunities.

It also noted that with the school now being a testing site, students have been provided the opportunity of writing their SATs in a familiar environment while reducing logistical challenges for students when registering and travelling to external sites.

“Becoming an official SAT Testing Center aligns with our dedication to providing the best educational resources and opportunities. It’s another step towards empowering our students to reach their full potential,” Bishop Dr. Suzanne Nti, DCAs (headmistress) said.

DCA is optimistic that with its state-of-the-art facilities and dedicated staff, it will be successful at ensuring a smooth testing experience.

“This new testing opportunity, combined with the school’s commitment to academic excellence, further enhances students’
college readiness,” the statement read.

Source: Ghana/